At Journey, I love hearing about our vision. Our vision is the reach out to all of Raleigh (and even beyond) with the good news of Jesus and grow up in Him. The method we currently do that with is that one one church in many locations. We plan to launch one campus every year somewhere in Raleigh. Right now, we just finished launching our second campus. This happened September 14th. We now have our warehouse at Journey Northeast and our theater at Journey Northwest. Who knows where campus number three will be? But common among our campuses are mission (To help people follow Jesus), vision (Reach Out and Grow Up), and values (a longer list that I might post later – there’s some good stuff in there). We also share resources, staff, volunteers, and anything else needed. Journey really is one church in (currently) two locations.


Today at Journey we had two Source IV lights installed. This is in addition to all of our current light, which is all LED. We now have two Source IVs, 8 white & amber LEDs (non-moving), 4 moving head RGB LEDs, and 1 RGB LED (non-moving). We also backlight some scrim, but still aren’t backlighting (or uplighting) the pastor. We’re definitely moving in the right direction with lighting for video – especially thinking through what this means as we launch video-driven campuses all across Raleigh to reach people for Christ!

Edit: I’ve been informed by Alex that “We actually have 6 RGB Moving-Head LED’s and 5 Stationary RGB LED’s in addition to the other lights you mentioned. They are hiding behind of the scrim and on the floor.” Just so you know.

Google Apps

So at Journey we’re about to migrate web hosting, and with that, our current email solution for staff. I’ve talked with various people about using Google Apps, including a large church that uses it for staff and a medium-sized university that uses it for their student accounts. Apps integrates Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Video (for payment), Sites, Chat, and maybe more for each user. Gmail allows every user on your domain to have 7.2 GB of disk space and Docs allows for 10 GB of disk space.

Has anyone used this for a domain? I’d really like to implement it, as it relies on Google’s uptime and not that of anyone else. Anyways.


So I recently discovered a group of people that do things similar to me – CITRT (Church IT Roundtable). While I’m not officially a church IT guy, I do dabble. Just my way of introduction, my name is John Cheatham (as is obvious by the domain name) and I am the Production Assistant at Journey Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. Here’s some of the stuff I do at Journey:

  • Prepare weekend service screen media (videos, graphics, etc.)
  • Direct, film, and edit videos for weekend worship, online video, DVDs, or otherwise
  • Oversee the upkeep and production of the church website as well assist with pastoral blogs
  • Build post-production team for transition to video-driven multi-campus setup
  • Produce television and website commercials to invite people to church

That list shows how I overlap into the world of church IT. Like many new churches, my job calls for the “jack-of-all-trades” mentality. I’ve been listening to the CITRT podcasts and have learned that even in very large churches, this often is the call. I’m looking forward to catching up on those podcasts and maybe contributing some – even though I might be a little Mac biased. ;p


Hi. My name is John Cheatham and this is my blog. Cool, huh? Well, welcome to my blog. I actually have a few other blogs: Relevant Generation (my theology blog) and The Land of the Cheats (my family blog), which is mainly used by my wife. This blog will be dedicated my my thoughts and musings that are specifically related to ministry and things I do at my church (Journey Church of Raleigh, North Carolina). So hopefully this blog will be helpful to you. Feel free to comment and let me know what’s going on and maybe even things you’d like for me to blog about.