Certifications Revisited

I think it’s about time to update this post (and this site in general), so here’s my current list of certification and some info about them. If you’re interested in the AV industry, I’d recommend working on some of these. I’ve removed the Brainbox ones from the list, since, while I passed all of them, they contacted me saying to take them off my Linkedin page if I didn’t purchase the piece of paper saying I passed them. Silly. Also, the Extron ones on my wishlist have changed, since they redid their certifications. The Control Associate and Control Specialist have been replaced with the Control Specialist and Control Professional. I’m only going to put the latter in my wish list as I’m taking that class next month and it is the more advanced of the two. The AV Associate is still there and in my current list.
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Welcome back

Good old double entendres. I finally have a chance to blog again, as I have a new job. I’m back at North Georgia College and State University in the Information Technology Department, now as a full-time staff member. I’m the Technical Support Technician I – I do classroom technology support as well as various other things (video editing, computer images, etc.) I’ll try to get back into blogging and micro-blogging now that I’m in this new position.