Crazy Week

A real, live blog update. Don’t you feel special? I just finished super-busy week. Since you asked, I’ll give you a recap.

Since I was on Thanksgiving Break from school, I worked Monday and Tuesday at Journey – also so I could get ahead on stuff and visit family the second half of the week. So Tuesday after work, Heather and I went home, took a 3-4 hour nap, and drove 6 hours to Georgia, getting in around 4:30 am. We spent time with my dad, Heather’s parents, then finally my mom.

On Saturday, we left to head back to NC around 7:30 am, swinging by the Northeast Campus for a minute to finalize ProPresenter when we got here, then headed home. I quickly practiced bass for Sunday (since I was playing at Northwest), but not before watching the GA Tech Yellow Jackets beat UGA for the first time since 2000!!!

After bass practice, I ate some quick food and headed down to Northeast for some great preaching by Pastor Smooth. I didn’t edit video that night like normal, because Pastor Paul preached at Northwest the next day, where I played bass (call time of 7 am). After Sunday’s service, I went home and have been working on Hebrew off and on until I finished just a few minutes ago. Time for a break – finals start this week!


Thinking about the time of the year, I want to post about someone that I’m really thankful for – my amazing wife, Heather. She is always an encouragement to me and supports me, even when I don’t think I should be. She forgives me of all my many shortcomings and still, for some reason, enjoys hanging out with me. So this post is for you, my loving and beautiful wife! I love you!