What is Calvinism?

So the hot topic in the evangelical Protestant world right now is Calvinism. Well, here I’m going to describe what it is from the perspective of someone who was raised not knowing what it was, have ready from many of the proponents and opponents of it, and have come to embrace it as an amazingly comforting doctrine. This may get a bit basic but that hopefully makes for a good foundation.

What is Calvinism? No, this is not the religious following of a kid and his stuffed tiger. It’s a system of Christian beliefs based on the teachings of John Calvin (as well as the Bible itself – you can tell I’m biased). Typically, Reformed Theology (the theology of the Protestant Reformation – a more accurate name than Calvinism) is summarized with five points that form the acrostic TULIP. So we will go over the five points in that order. Continue reading “What is Calvinism?”