Certifications Revisited

I think it’s about time to update this post (and this site in general), so here’s my current list of certification and some info about them. If you’re interested in the AV industry, I’d recommend working on some of these. I’ve removed the Brainbox ones from the list, since, while I passed all of them, they contacted me saying to take them off my Linkedin page if I didn’t purchase the piece of paper saying I passed them. Silly. Also, the Extron ones on my wishlist have changed, since they redid their certifications. The Control Associate and Control Specialist have been replaced with the Control Specialist and Control Professional. I’m only going to put the latter in my wish list as I’m taking that class next month and it is the more advanced of the two. The AV Associate is still there and in my current list.
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So, I’ve been working at North Georgia College & State University about a year and a half. It’s been great fun and hard work. In that time, I’ve done the popular thing in the IT industry – I’ve gotten certs (certifications). I figured I’d talk about a couple of them since my email signature looks silly because of them. Continue reading “Certifications”

The Day the Music Died

I wanted to use “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish,” but didn’t want to copy Shane Ross at lfdh.net. It’s a sad time for video editors. The Final Cut Pro (FCP) line has died (as we know it – more on that later). For those who don’t know, Final Cut Pro has become the industry-standard program for video editing. A short sampling of movies edited with it include Cold Mountain, 300, The Corpse Bride, Enchanted, Eat Pray Love, True Grit, and The Social Network. As you can see, it has quite an impressive resume.
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The Fall (Season)

So, classes have started back (although I’m doing them online), work is more hours, and I don’t really have any free time. That’s why this blog appears to be abandoned. I really just need to figure out a topic to blog on, and then just do it. Maybe suggestions would be helpful. I’ve been working a lot at Southeastern doing video production stuff. I’ve also been work a lot at Journey on HD upgrades (blu-ray specifically) and getting our new NW campus location up to spec before the grand opening on September 13th. So, questions or comments? Or maybe I should just post more ramblings and musings like this.