I read an interesting article today about preaching. It’s entitled “The Truth About Expository Preaching” and asks some interesting questions: How do you define expository preaching? Do you think the term “expository preaching” is applied too broadly? What forms can an expository sermon take? (Sequential and logical.) What are some examples of logical orders? Is there any problem for the listener when we present the most logical order but move through the Scripture out of sequence? To what extent is an expositor obligated to unpack all the elements of a passage–the verb tenses, shades of meaning, and so on?

He asked many more questions, too. I find it these are very important questions we should ask when listening and especially when preaching a message from God’s Word.

One very interesting point I like is his “3 A.M. Test.” Can the preacher be awakened at 3am (however unhappily) and concisely state what his sermon will be for the coming week? This is one thing that I think is done exceptionally well at Journey. Jimmy’s (and the other pastor’s, when they preach) take-away points are exceptionally clear and concise.

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