Dan Kimball’s Article at Catalyst Space

Dan Kimball writes about the importance of words in our churches (like “worship” and “church”). Are the meanings of these words accurately known by those sitting on the pews or in the chairs? While I might cringe at some of his comments – like rethinking calling someone “pastor”, he makes strong points. Do non-“pastors” with the spiritual gift of pastor/shepherd feel under-qualified when someone with that gift in their title is getting paid to do it? Yes, I do believe in qualified leaders, but I believe qualification proceeds getting a job, and not everyone who’s qualified will be on staff. I’m not advocating changing things, but I do think we should think through things theologically before doing them – I think this is also Kimball’s main point in the article. Historically we have done things many different ways for both good and bad reasons. We should take that into account. Primarily, however, we should seek methods and such in Scripture – sola scriptura, if you will.

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