The Cloud

So I don’t get it. Why do companies still use Exchange and give users 10-50 MB size limits on their mailbox? Especially schools and non-profits? (Check out Google Apps for free solution for your domain.) I’m just going to write some lists:

Pros/Cons of Exchange:

  • Pro – Stored on site for security
  • Con – Less people monitoring uptime
  • Pro or Con – runs with Windows well (pro for those using it, major con for anyone wanting a better OS)
  • Con – Major limited storage capacity
  • Con – Only as fast as your internet connection

And now for a pet peeve/rant. Use IMAP! If you are using POP3, stop it. You won’t be able to organize your email from more than one device. Since most people want to be able to check from their home desktop, work desktop, laptop, phone, and via the web when somewhere else, steer clear of POP3. With this comes a change in the storage location of your email. It will now be on the server instead of your PC/device. I think I’ll write a blog post about this switch with more details soon. For now, /rant.

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