Moving to Georgia

So I twittered about it and it’s now on facebook and on the right hand side of this blog (until it scrolls off), but I can go more in depth here. My family is moving back to Georgia. Heather’s grandfather passed away a week and a half ago and, in traveling down for the funeral, we saw a need that we fell called to help with. We’re going to move in with Heather’s grandmother (who’s in her 80s) and aunt (who has special needs) and Heather will take care of them (with help from me) while I find a job and finish up school online.

We’re totally going to miss all of our friends here in NC but are insanely excited about seeing all our old friends in GA!

1 thought on “Moving to Georgia

  1. John that is awesome that you & Heather will take care of her Grandmother & Aunt. What a blessing. I cared for my bed ridden mother for 2 years, & would do it again in a heart beat. It will be tough at times, but the lord will bless you. You both have a kind loving heart. Baby Jack will be spoiled real good now:-) I will pray you find a job.
    Look forward to seeing you'll again & meeting Jack.
    Blessing,Debi Nosworthy

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