Welcome back

Good old double entendres. I finally have a chance to blog again, as I have a new job. I’m back at North Georgia College and State University in the Information Technology Department, now as a full-time staff member. I’m the Technical Support Technician I – I do classroom technology support as well as various other things (video editing, computer images, etc.) I’ll try to get back into blogging and micro-blogging now that I’m in this new position.

Blogging and Baby

So, it’s hard to blog often. I know people who are shutting their blogs down in favor of Twitter or just hanging on Facebook. I’m not doing that with mine. However, I definitely don’t post here as often. That is partly because of my two jobs and this semester’s classes and partly because our baby is due in less than two weeks.

Speaking of that, if you’d like to follow labor, delivery, and such, just follow babycheat on twitter. If you don’t want to sign up for twitter, just text “follow babycheat” to 40404 from your cell phone. Questions about that? Contact me.

The Fall (Season)

So, classes have started back (although I’m doing them online), work is more hours, and I don’t really have any free time. That’s why this blog appears to be abandoned. I really just need to figure out a topic to blog on, and then just do it. Maybe suggestions would be helpful. I’ve been working a lot at Southeastern doing video production stuff. I’ve also been work a lot at Journey on HD upgrades (blu-ray specifically) and getting our new NW campus location up to spec before the grand opening on September 13th. So, questions or comments? Or maybe I should just post more ramblings and musings like this.

Lots o’ Posts

Well, I warned you. I’ve been posting quite a bit of blog posts recently. Don’t think this is the norm. As I said before, these are all imported posts from my old blog – relevantgeneration.net. Hopefuly I haven’t been overwhelming you with the sheer number. I’ll keep moving them over until I get all of the moved. I’ll also try to intersperse some tech-related posts so I don’t bias the theological as much as I have been. After all, that blog was solely theological – all my tech stuff I posted here. Anyways, enjoy!