So I’m a slacker. I haven’t blogged recently, since life’s been insane. Yup. But what else is new. Just a quick life update: this last year and a half has brought us a new church, a new job, a new house, a rambunctious toddler, some sorrow, quite a bit of sickness, yet overall a blessed time. I’ve had a great time redesigning our church’s website (cfcnga.org) although it was really just loading content into WordPress and applying a template generously donated by our last church home (takeajourney.org).

Update: I’ve now redesigned the site with another template, but thanks to Journey for allowing me to use the template for the time that I did!

Spiritual Assessment

This weekend at Journey we wrapped up our series entitled “Leaving Neverland.” This is referring to us needing to stop being children in our relationship with God and grow up into who God created us to be. Check out the series here. This emphasis on spiritual growth doesn’t end as some sermons, though. We launched a new website, journeygroupsite.com, to help people get plugged into small groups. We also just launched our brand-spankin’ new Spiritual Assessment Tool. With these tools in hand, we’re pushing people at Journey to plug into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ through relationships with others who follow Him via our small groups as well as assessing peoples’ current spiritual growth via our tool. Check them out, get plugged in, and go deeper!

New Website

Journey now has a new web site. I flipped the switch on it yesterday afternoon at 5:12pm, and it looks to have trickled through the big internet DNS servers by now. We’re now using Google Apps as our email solution, and eventually I need to introduce the staff to the rest of the benefits of Apps, but as for now, it’s just our email solution.

Edit: We’re using Vimeo for our video solution. Works great, and even support HD!