Welcome back

Good old double entendres. I finally have a chance to blog again, as I have a new job. I’m back at North Georgia College and State University in the Information Technology Department, now as a full-time staff member. I’m the Technical Support Technician I – I do classroom technology support as well as various other things (video editing, computer images, etc.) I’ll try to get back into blogging and micro-blogging now that I’m in this new position.


Hi. My name is John Cheatham and this is my blog. Cool, huh? Well, welcome to my blog. I actually have a few other blogs: Relevant Generation (my theology blog) and The Land of the Cheats (my family blog), which is mainly used by my wife. This blog will be dedicated my my thoughts and musings that are specifically related to ministry and things I do at my church (Journey Church of Raleigh, North Carolina). So hopefully this blog will be helpful to you. Feel free to comment and let me know what’s going on and maybe even things you’d like for me to blog about.