Today at Journey we had two Source IV lights installed. This is in addition to all of our current light, which is all LED. We now have two Source IVs, 8 white & amber LEDs (non-moving), 4 moving head RGB LEDs, and 1 RGB LED (non-moving). We also backlight some scrim, but still aren’t backlighting (or uplighting) the pastor. We’re definitely moving in the right direction with lighting for video – especially thinking through what this means as we launch video-driven campuses all across Raleigh to reach people for Christ!

Edit: I’ve been informed by Alex that “We actually have 6 RGB Moving-Head LED’s and 5 Stationary RGB LED’s in addition to the other lights you mentioned. They are hiding behind of the scrim and on the floor.” Just so you know.

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I am the Senior IT AV Systems Design Engineer in the department of Enterprise AV Services, part of the Division of Information Technology at University of North Georgia. That means I design, install, and maintain anything that is audio visual: projectors, sound systems, control systems, cameras, lighting, Crestron, Polycom, Extron, AMX, and any other techy-sounding thing. I’m also a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina, where I obtained a Master of Divinity win Biblical Counseling. I’m married to my awesome wife (Heather) and have an awesome family (first Jack, then Debbie, then Hannah, then Levi, and now Emmeline)!

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