Jesus is ‘Like an Energy’

Good old heresy:

In an article with, Sinead O’Conner speak of her “Christianity” and how that has influenced her new “Christian album.” Still famous for ripping a picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live, she speaks in the interview of what appears to be generic theism. When asked if Jesus is the one way, truth, and life, she responds, “I believe that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and that whole kind of thing is one particular energy. If you want a put a picture of a body on it, then fine. But I call it an energy. Some people paint a picture of Jesus. But to me, he’s an energy. That energy is the same no matter where you are in the world or whose side you’re on. If you call it Allah or you call it God or you call it Buddha, it’s all the same. I thing God saves everybody whether they want to be saved or not. So when we die, we’re all going home.”

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