Crazy Week

A real, live blog update. Don’t you feel special? I just finished super-busy week. Since you asked, I’ll give you a recap.

Since I was on Thanksgiving Break from school, I worked Monday and Tuesday at Journey – also so I could get ahead on stuff and visit family the second half of the week. So Tuesday after work, Heather and I went home, took a 3-4 hour nap, and drove 6 hours to Georgia, getting in around 4:30 am. We spent time with my dad, Heather’s parents, then finally my mom.

On Saturday, we left to head back to NC around 7:30 am, swinging by the Northeast Campus for a minute to finalize ProPresenter when we got here, then headed home. I quickly practiced bass for Sunday (since I was playing at Northwest), but not before watching the GA Tech Yellow Jackets beat UGA for the first time since 2000!!!

After bass practice, I ate some quick food and headed down to Northeast for some great preaching by Pastor Smooth. I didn’t edit video that night like normal, because Pastor Paul preached at Northwest the next day, where I played bass (call time of 7 am). After Sunday’s service, I went home and have been working on Hebrew off and on until I finished just a few minutes ago. Time for a break – finals start this week!

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