Abraham and Isaac

I posted this back on October 15th on my old blog. Still interesting, so I moved it over here.

This past weekend my pastor preached on Abraham and Isaac. Yesterday I again heard a preacher speak on it – this time Paige Patterson at the Real Evangelism Conference at Southeastern. This has got me thinking about that story.

This passage in Genesis 22 is quite obviously a christophany. Isaac represents all of humanity / the elect (depending on your Calvinistic persuasion), Abraham represents the wrath of God, and the voice from heaven is Jesus (often refered to in the New Testament as the angel of the Lord), who offers a substitute for us.

Something interesting that Dr. Patterson pointed out was the ram. His horns were tangled in the ticket, just as Jesus later had a crown of thorns. I found that quite interesting. Comments? Questions? Bueller?

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