Needs vs. Wants

So Smooth’s message last weekend was awesome. We were talking some the week before he gave it and our conversation rekindled my soapbox on needs vs. wants. So, what is a need?

There are tons of philosophies on this out there. Everything from Freudian psychology to Christian pop culture (His Needs / Her Needs or more recently the unbiblical concept of a “love tank” in Gary Chapman’s Five Love Languages) purports there are these unmet needs that people have. Well, I’d like to challenge that. A need is something someone can’t live without. The most obvious physical needs are food, water, and /maybe/ shelter. Not sure on that one. Other than those, everything else is a want.

There is one other very important need that I believe outranks food and water. That is a personal relationship with the God of the universe through His Son Jesus. Without that, we’re all just dead men and women anyway.

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