More on Lighting

I figured I’d update my previous post on lighting at Journey, since I have done much more with it since October of 2008.

Now we have 6 Source IV Jrs up for front light – two on each of the three zones (left, center, and right). We also have 8 stationary white & amber LEDs (Elation Design LED 36WA), 6 moving head RGB LEDs (Elation Design LED 36MH) – 2 of which light the side scrims on the stage and 4 which are front lights, and 5 stationary RGB LEDs (Elation ELED Tri 64B) – 4 of which light the center scrim on the stage and 1 which is front light. We are also backlighting the pastor with 3 more Source IV Jrs. Finally, we have two scrim columns off stage that are light by 4 stationary RGB LEDs (American DJ Par 64) – 2 up and 2 down.

All of this runs from a DMX splitter/amplifier (Fleenor 125 – 5 outputs all in 5 wire DMX adapted to 3 – long story) that is wired to our LanBox that can be programmed or controlled via Mac or PC and also controlled via MIDI (we use a Kenton Control Freak Studio 16 slider controller).

All this sounds very complicated and it is to set up but allows our CG Operator to change light settings with literally the push of a button. This is great since he or she is also running ProPresenter simultaneously. We may go with a different method in the future but this definitely works simply and easily for our awesome volunteers to run on the weekends.

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