Certifications Revisited

I think it’s about time to update this post (and this site in general), so here’s my current list of certification and some info about them. If you’re interested in the AV industry, I’d recommend working on some of these. I’ve removed the Brainbox ones from the list, since, while I passed all of them, they contacted me saying to take them off my Linkedin page if I didn’t purchase the piece of paper saying I passed them. Silly. Also, the Extron ones on my wishlist have changed, since they redid their certifications. The Control Associate and Control Specialist have been replaced with the Control Specialist and Control Professional. I’m only going to put the latter in my wish list as I’m taking that class next month and it is the more advanced of the two. The AV Associate is still there and in my current list.

My Certs


EAVA LogoThis one is the Extron AV (Audio Visual) Associate certification. This was $99 from Extron and was quite a bit of exam work. It covered everything from low-voltage serial connections (RS-232) to the different types of fiber (multi-mode vs. single-mode). I’d recommend this to anyone working in an environment that has Extron gear – it was even good for the general AV knowledge if you don’t use Extron.

It covers:

  • Who is Extron?
  • AV Technologies
  • Video Fundamentals
  • Audio Fundamentals
  • Control and Networking Fundamentals
  • Extron products and tools


CTS LogoThis one is the Certified Technical Specialist certification. This is the AV industry’s standard certification. Here’s the handbook.
It covers:

  • Creating AV Solutions
  • Operating AV Solutions
  • Conducting AV Management Activities
  • Servicing AV Solutions


ITIL LogoThis one is the Information Technology Information Library version 3 Foundations certification. This is the IT industry’s entry-level certification that can then be built upon.
It covers:

  • Those who require a basic understanding of the ITIL framework
  • Those who need understanding of how ITIL can be used to enhance IT service management within an organization
  • IT professionals or others working within an organization that has adopted and adapted ITIL and who need to be informed about, or contribute to, ongoing service improvement.


DMC-D-4K LogoThis one is the Crestron DMC-D-4K (Digital Media Certified Designer) certification (Certification tab). This was free online from Crestron and was mainly product information. It’s a prerequisite to attend the classroom-based DMC-E-4K certification that I talk about later.

It covers:

  • Introduction to Design
  • DigitalMedia Technology Overview
  • DigitalMedia Cable Infrastructure
  • DigitalMedia Switchers
  • DigitalMedia Input Cards
  • DigitalMedia Output Cards
  • DigitalMedia Transmitters
  • DigitalMedia Receivers
  • DigitalMedia Applications
  • DigitalMedia 4K Design Concepts
  • DigitalMedia 4K Product Overview
  • DigitalMedia 4K Technologies


DMC-T-4K LogoThis one is the Crestron DMC-T-4K (Digital Media Certified Technician) certification (Certification tab). This was the beginning of the classroom-based DMC-E-4K certification that I talk about next.

It covers:

  • Cable Termination (Fiber, CAT6, CAT6A)
  • Wiring a DM system


DMC-E-4K LogoThis one is the Crestron DMC-E-4K (Digital Media Certified Engineer) certification (Certification tab). This was the end of the classroom-based DMC-T-4K certification that I just mentioned.

It covers:

  • Identify and use the Crestron DigitalMedia™ product line
  • Recognize the best practices for installation
  • Properly terminate DM® Ultra Cable and CresFiber® 8G
  • Understand EDID, HDCP, CEC, and .AV Framework
  • Understanding the implications of using 4K in digital video systems and developing DigitalMedia™ solutions for projects of various sizes

My Wishlist


ECS LogoThis one is the Extron Control Professional certification. This is for advanced Extron configurations and is required to have a Global Configurator Pro license.
It covers:

  • Learn Global Configurator Professional software, and how to take advantage of the advanced features for more complex system designs
  • Sophisticated control system design concepts and advanced configuration techniques
  • Create custom control interfaces using GUI Designer software, plus GUI design best practices
  • Validate complex Pro Series control systems in multiple AV environments using acquired knowledge of installation, configuration, and commissioning principles


CTS-I LogoThis one is the Certified Technical Specialist – Installation certification. This is one route to go after getting a CTS. Here’s the handbook.
It covers:

  • Conducting Pre-Installation Activities
  • Conducting Site Rough-In/First-Fix
  • Perform Systems Close Out
  • Conducting Ongoing Project Responsibilities


CTS-D LogoThis one is the Certified Technical Specialist – Design certification. This is the other route to go after getting a CTS. Here’s the handbook.
It covers:

  • Conducting a Needs Assessment
  • Collaborating With Other Professionals
  • Developing AV Designs
  • Conducting Project Implementation Activities

Crestron Certified Programmer

Certified Programmer LogoThis one is the Crestron Certified Programmer certification. This is actually a series of classes that get quite complex by the end. I’ve completed CTI-P101 so far. Below is the entire series needed.

  • Complete “Crestron 101” and “Toolbox” Online Training
  • Attend and complete “CTI-P101 Foundations of Crestron Programming”
  • Attend and complete “CTI-P201 Core Systems Programming”
  • Attend and complete “Smart Graphics Training (CTI-SG)”
  • Attend and complete “Crestron Fusion Programmer (CTI-FUSION-P)”
  • Attend and complete “CTI-P301 Advanced Programming Skills”
  • Complete the take home Certification Exam

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