Repost: The Salvation of the ‘Little Ones’: Do Infants who Die Go to Heaven?

Drs. Akin and Mohler posted this a few years ago and I wanted to repost it. Hope it helps some people.

The Salvation of the ‘Little Ones’: Do Infants who Die Go to Heaven?
Thursday, July 16, 2009

by R. Albert Mohler, Jr. and Daniel L. Akin

The death of an infant or young child is profoundly heartbreaking – perhaps the greatest grief a parent is called to bear. For Christian parents, there is the sure knowledge that our sovereign and merciful God is in control, but there is also a pressing question: Is our baby in heaven?

This is a natural and unavoidable question, calling for our most careful and faithful biblical study and theological reflection. The unspeakable anguish of a parent?s heart demands our honest and humble searching of the Scriptures.

Some are quick to answer this question out of sentimentality. Of course infants go to heaven, they argue, for how could God refuse a precious little one? The Universalist has a quick answer, for he believes that everyone will go to heaven. Some persons may simply suggest that elect infants go to heaven, while the non-elect do not, and must suffer endless punishment. Each of these easy answers is unsatisfactory. Continue reading “Repost: The Salvation of the ‘Little Ones’: Do Infants who Die Go to Heaven?”

Joel’s At It Again

Well, Debbie got Woman’s Day magazine in the mail and on the front cover Heather saw there was an article from the pastor of one of the largest churches in America. Digging in, we saw that Joel Osteen decided to spout some more “safe for the whole family” generic advice that no Christian leader should ever give. Let’s look at his points one at a time. Continue reading “Joel’s At It Again”


So, I’ve been working at North Georgia College & State University about a year and a half. It’s been great fun and hard work. In that time, I’ve done the popular thing in the IT industry – I’ve gotten certs (certifications). I figured I’d talk about a couple of them since my email signature looks silly because of them. Continue reading “Certifications”


So I’m a slacker. I haven’t blogged recently, since life’s been insane. Yup. But what else is new. Just a quick life update: this last year and a half has brought us a new church, a new job, a new house, a rambunctious toddler, some sorrow, quite a bit of sickness, yet overall a blessed time. I’ve had a great time redesigning our church’s website ( although it was really just loading content into WordPress and applying a template generously donated by our last church home (

Update: I’ve now redesigned the site with another template, but thanks to Journey for allowing me to use the template for the time that I did!

We Are All Addicts

So I’ve been listening to the CCEF podcast recently and heard Elliot Greene from Redeemer Theological Seminary speak. One thing he said specifically made me think. He said we’re all addicts. That confused me at first but then I thought about it. Some are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or other physical substances. Others are addicted to getting their way, pleasing others, or pleasing themselves. Still others are addicted to controlling every situation around them, holiday traditions, or even sitting down when they get home from work. I would go so far as to say that addictions are universal. You know why? We were created for addiction. However, it was to be addicted to the Creator. That was the design. All that fell apart in Genesis 3 when man chose to disobey God and therefore sin. What can we learn from all this? Instead of the addiction I mentioned about (or feel free to insert your own), our addiction should be for our Creator. That cannot happen without a heart that has been regenerated and brought back to life by God. Otherwise we’re all just dead in our addictions.